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The group of companies “Russian Innovations” is represented by three brand-names:
The mission of the company is design, manufacture and global implementation of the tools, techniques of active and creative development and education of the future “stars”, men of talents, celebrities. We offer multipurpose modular design equipment for houses, kindergartens, schools, enterprises and institutions. This equipment can be delivered by mail.
The business is based on the inventions of Valeriy Kuznetsov, General Director of the group of companies. 
The directions of the group of companies “Russian Innovations” are:
1. Development, patenting, large-scale production of universal visual equipment for information (institutions, enterprises); sales.
2. Development, patenting of tools and equipment for the formation of visual developmental environment in the educational institutions, factories, and their sales.
3. Design and implementation of technology and projects of (creative) education of super personalities (children, teenagers are the future talents, stars, celebrities), accelerating of the intellectual and creative development of societies.