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Display System «NATIONAL»® have a lot of advantages due to innovative combination of the components. New Display System«NATIONAL»® trade dress and innovative functions have global meaning. Become a national Dealer and this will make you the one and the only of this sort of business in your country (region). 

Due to the Product unique functions we can consolidate that the one who begins Product promotion on his/her national market will always be the leader in that sphere involving the commercial structures and using direct sales. 

Some advantages for your business: 

-The Product is not liable to certification. We get a certificate on the voluntary basis to provide additional guarantees to our customers. 
- There is no a special category our Product should satisfy to in Customs Declaration. Usually we indicate only 1 group for the plastic goods. 
- Talking about school and preschool institutions we can say that they are sponsored by the government because national human’s capital starts from the early childhood. 
- You can work with direct users of one or more countries due to the opportunity of postal delivery. 

Go to to know more about the international programs (UNESCO, WWF) implementation and promotion