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Business Card of a New Global Business

Products: ready-made modular information stands (registered trade mark NATIONAL®).
Patents for inventions: Russia, USA, other countries.
Uniqueness: no analogues in the world!
1. Features, specific characteristics, benefits:
- Ready-made, picturesque, a wide range of outside appearances
- Multi-functionality
- Transported by parcel post
- Thorough national adaptation (colors, images, ornaments, symbols)
- Three-dimensional elements (impressive design, play of light and shadow on many surfaces, spatial perception of the form, assemblage)
- Standard holders, fasteners, and fittings (use of a wide range of available screws, nuts, rivets, collar clamps, bases, brackets, etc.)
- Wide application in stands of mass-produced goods from other industries (electrical and radio goods, stationery, printing products, toys, general use and household products, advertising products, goods for hobbies, etc.)
- Reuse of packages, illustrative printing products, and fabrics for creative work on the stands 
- Mobilization of graphical space (removal from the walls and exhibiting a group of stands on the floor, on racks in one place)
- A wide range of application: from children's organizations to large corporations
- Within the whole period of the unlimited term of their service, the stands remain in marketable condition! This means the high degree of resale of the stands as the products having 100% value
- Interior design becomes functional and system-based
- Manufacturing method: molding of plastics in press molds.
2. Basic differences:
- when non-assembled – can be delivered in a parcel by regular post to any settlement where there is a post office.
- vividness of configurations (look like big toys)
- the multi-functionality of modular stands gave the developers of the products an idea to create, on its basis, the Information and Stand Technologies (IST for short) which in some segments, for example, in preschool education, can come to the fore
Stands technologies, in their turn, create a new market and a new industry – the Stand Technologies Industry!
3. Characteristics of the stand technologies industry:
- dozens of plants specialized in mass serial production of plastic products,
- numerous advertising and design firms involved in refining of goods on the national level,
- active interaction with universities in elaboration of developing techniques for creative education, in training of specialists of new professions, millions of new workplaces (users, experts in technologies and goods)
- international partnerships (there is a possibility of creating mutually interested partnerships with global socially-oriented organizations, for example, the United Nations, WWF, Greenpeace, etc. for which it will become a tool and technology of day-today work).
- Partner universities in all countries.
National and international projects become image goods and a prestigious paid service for a producer of modular ready-made stands, IST developers, contributing to accelerated development of creative, intellectual, and national potential of many developing countries. And, undoubtedly, we, being the original developers, have the Know-How regarding the implementation of such projects.
4. Social significance of the ST industry for the community:
- new and related specialties and a great number of new workplaces (visual space manager, etc.)
- solution of many global problems (poverty eradication, education for girls, numerous local projects, shifting from individual priorities of getting wealthier to formation of a harmonious creative person)
- speeding up of development of intellectual potential of nations, territories, regions (spend small money while giving a boost to development of many countries all over the world (which is among the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations Organization!)
- possibility to implement projects of any scale, even global ones!
- involvement of numerous universities in the industry: (in terms of course and graduation papers presentation, defense of academic degree theses, in many educational profiles, but ideal for the pedagogical community)
- the works are executed for practical application, for earning money, and not to be stacked up in the university archives and subsequently destructed
- textbooks, support of subject projects and new methods
- training in new and related professions
- deep integration of stand technologies into various developing pedagogical technologies.
5. Sale market volumes:
- schools and kindergartens almost in all countries of the world (which means tens of billions of dollars)
- many other institutions and enterprises
6. Price:
- average, even comparing to the nearest analogues (limited functionality)
7. Characteristics of production facilities:
- flexibility, elasticity
- cooperation in components production 
- splitting of facilities
- mobility
- automation
- high existing potential of development of the plastic products manufacture industry – that is why premium quality of the products can be ensured.
8. Advertising and product positioning
- perfectly flat surfaces of package boxes can accommodate volumes of colorful information and advertising materials (level of medium sized toys, home computers).
- packages are convenient for all forms of promotion, including placement on store shelves for display.
9. Schemes of commercial promotion of products and technologies:
- Internet, retail, large distribution retail chains, distributors, advertising companies
10. Logistics:
- all ways of delivery, possibility to deliver the products to the most remote buyers in the optimal way
- the products can be delivered even in post parcels.
11. Entrance to the related industries:
- printing industry, stationery, toys, office furniture, exhibitions, etc.
- independent development of these industries, businesses, and business lines.
12. Would-be buyers of inventions:
- general PROCESSERS of plastic
- producers of toys
- producers of educational goods
- producers of printing goods
- producers of announcement boards, display systems
- producers of stationery
- producers of office goods
- producers of copiers and printers
- producers willing to diversify their business portfolio
- Foundations.
13. Highly potent patent protection (it is very difficult to bypass a package of inventions)
- an optimum range of linear preferable dimensions is determined
- ideal shape-building elements and forms of components connection are determined
- variety of additional options of modular ready-made stands is patented
14. Prospect of further development of the products and technologies:
- market-wise segmentation of the products (the key market includes preschool institutions and implies one way of the product geometry generation, in case of schools it will be different, companies will get a third option):
- product geometry optimization taking into account logistic and marketing systems (change of dimensions or materials)
- expansion of the range of component parts (new elements)
- elaboration of new functionality of the products.
15. Business options:
- full sale of patents (globally)
- partial sale of licenses (per continents)
- co-production and global promotion of the products.
16. Experience, know-hows:
- mass production in Russia, wholesale and retail, plenty of positive feedback
- sufficient number of press molds to immediately launch production in any country
- a wide dealer network in Russia.