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An additional guarantee and reasons for national monopoly creation are production Patents. Display System «NATIONAL»® is a patented product and a registered trademark protected by author's laws. The patents belong to “Russian Innovation” company. “Russian Innovations” is a scientifically-manufacturing holding company specialized on innovative professional visual information equipment development and production. 
The innovative principle of display system assembling is patented providing further design modification opportunities increasing the functional features. The Product modification (middle, premium, above premium) leads to unlimited lifespan. Let us remind you that Preliminary schools are the basis of our Product stable usage. 
The experience of selling our product in Russian Federation and CIS countries has proved that Display System «NATIONAL»®has a great range of use. Lots of organizations and institutions are interested in our unique product but the main direction on that market is educational institutions (schools, kindergartens). There are many advantages of our product promotion on the market of educational institutions: great capable of paying demand and no competitors. The innovation has a branch of Russian patents reflecting the history of invention. The product is being patented according to PST system in many countries around the world. International application number PCT/RU2007/000180. 
We are open for honest and mutually profitable cooperation. Now you have a splendid opportunity to start this profitable business (production and promotion) and become the first in your own country and region. Click here to know more about Licenses purchase. 
Attention! All rights reserved by the national and international legislation. Product falsification is subject to legal prosecution.Display System «NATIONAL»® has past through many stages of creative development form traditional (square) to imagery-associative systems of creative development. We always follow our customers’ needs and keep developing and modifying our display systems. Display System «NATIONAL»® are multifunctional having unlimited opportunities of buildup and get lots of new significant features when added some new elements. 
One of the last inventions is volumetric blind stamping of the national ornaments on decoration elements. That unique know-how allows customizing the product on the market of delivering country emphasizing the national heritage of its people. Information components are in the process of dynamic development. Display System «NATIONAL»® includes printed information filling (polygraphy) and CD material for self printing and posters’ design. 
Display System «NATIONAL»® is a unique invention and it will obviously be accepted by your nation. This product can either be a good tradition or an interlink for national education system development. Take your niche in patented and innovative business right away. It’s not yet occupied! Take your niche in patented and innovative business right away. It’s not yet occupied!