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National scale business without competitors. Innovative Product for mass usage

Looking for a perfect business without competitors? Become a millionaire with Display System «NATIONAL®»! 

This web site contains a unique international commercial business offer. Whatever you do you have a unique opportunity to become an owner and run profitable socially oriented national business based on perfect product which was meant to be the successful one. 

The Product is called Display System «NATIONAL®». The Product is patented and has no analogues and equivalents on the world market. Teachers, parents and others have been waiting for that kind of revolutionary breakthrough for a long time. The initiative of buying our display systems increases due to its uniqueness, innovativeness and lots of functional and useful features. 

Display System «NATIONAL®» is a perfect product for your business

General usage

Genius invention

Highest quality

Innovative development

Unlimited assortment

Constant mass usage

Break-through segment

Quick start

National Monopoly


General usage. Personal and communal development is the main function Display System «NATIONAL®» carry out. DS «NATIONAL®» is the right and the only way of solving the problem of making the visual aids effective and understandable for everyone. The users will have their goals achieved and the dealers will have profitable business. 

The invention is simple and genius, multifunctional and modern. You can assemble more than 1000 Display System«NATIONAL®» versions from separate elements. There is a great amount of indoors wall design options due to the modular function. 





 Individual work

Team work


Display System «NATIONAL®» highest quality satisfies and will keep satisfying users’ needs due to its multifunctionality (See “Product quality”). Meanwhile the user perfects the skills of using DSN technologies and shares those skills with the others. 

The point of innovative development is not the Product itself but its working technologies based on its functions. The main goal of mass usage is to national human’s capital development right from the early childhood. 

Unlimited assortment is formed out of the following groups: plastic elements, graphic arts, decoration elements. Each group contains ready-for-service and sale elements and DSN technologies and also a great potential of assortment development. 

Constant mass usage is provided by postal delivery, quality of the Product, assortment development and by available technologies. Anyone can become Display System «NATIONAL®» user. The main goal of the dealer is to introduce everyone with the Product and get the most out of it.

The main break-through segments for our Product promotion are preschools and elementary schools. These segments have a rare mixture of factors such as: 90% of familiar assortment – great demand – absence of competitors – same information sources for target audience – accessible price for advertising. (see Market segments). 

Quick start. The technologies of fast pay back investments and getting the first income on your national market. Interested? Everything is ready: 
1. Imagery – associated Display Systems immediate shipment (international understandable for any nation assortment); 
2. Ready-made advertising samples, the technology of choosing key advertising sources; 
3. Web site for national web hosting; 
4. The technologies of booking and execution of orders; 
5. Manual instruction. 

National monopoly. It’s high time to get your place at the market because it’s the hot line to your personal growth and success. No one will ever twit you for being a monopolist. Our Product is unique and all rights reserved, the technologies are in demand and are available on DSN base only. Now you have got a terrific opportunity to distribute the Product to many countries located near by.   

P.S. The large-scale production territory of our product is Russian Federation. We are planning to open factories and warehouses abroad. The process of giving our Product international patent has already started. 

We can say that Display Systems NATIONAL is a global Product having National meaning due to all mentioned above. We begin forming an international system of sales and distribution on

You’ve got a splendid opportunity to choose the status of being an International Dealer or a Regional Dealer on the basis of Commercial or partial license. 

Besides you can become an agent recommending your friends and acquaintances to get the information about perfect Product. The agents will get paid in case if they assist us in signing new Dealer Contract. 

Dear all, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us and ask (see Contacts).