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Dear teachers and the officials of The Ministry for Higher and Secondary Education. 
We are glad to inform you about the unique Product. We understand that you do take care of your region’s education system and that’s why we think that it’s a must for you to get to know about our innovation in the sphere of education. 


Display Systems “NATIONAL” have no analogues on the world market. Innovativeness, functionality and equipment design lead to the national progress and to the leadership in the sphere school and preschool education. 

The progress will be achieved thru material information medium creation in educational institutions. The gallery of imagery configurations, relief ornaments and color symbology function as a tool for patriotic education and keeps traditions and cultural heritage alive. 

Display Systems “NATIONAL” are used in any direction of teaching and educational work. It’s a professional working tool for teachers and which fits well into educational system thru interesting working forms. The experience pupils get in early childhood gives us an opportunity to prepare high quality specialists matching the world standards.